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Kevin Pierce

Erik, There are lots of interesting things about this building, but the notion that column-free spans do much for daylighting opportunities seems wrong. The lease spans (distance from core to windows) on buildings like this are typically 35 to 40 feet. Office ceilings top out at about 9 feet and that further impedes light penetration. Even with light shelves (not present here) and tall ceilings (are they much taller here?), penetration at a usable level is unlikely to be more than 25 feet. Columns are also unlikely to interfere with LEED points related to views since all that is required is a straight-line shot to some amount of vision glass.

Erik Olsen

Thanks Kevin for your comments - thanks for calling me on this, I feel I wrote this bit in haste pulling from other materials. I'd say the main idea, not unique to this building, is that in most floor-to-ceiling glass towers, there is some opportunity for daylighting in that first 25 feet, and even then the tenant must design the interior space carefully to control the available light.

And let's not forgot most serious daylighting techniques, like cool daylighting, avoid too much glass.

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