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Lisa wright

WOW! I love it!
Having done a bit of our own deconstruction to recycle back into our building, I'm curious as to how much more labor intensive the process is? How does cost compare to the traditional: paying for a few dumpsters and purchasing new? Where are the salvaged elements stored while waiting to be re-used?
The hardest trick is to find tradesmen who understand and will go a little further to make it work, I think.
I look forward to reading more!

Dave Hampton


Thanks for reading.

To answer your question on storage of salvaged elements: for this project, the deconstruction team is still searching for local warehouse space so some reclaimed materials (and material from future projects) can reside there until resell, while other materials are being donated to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. One individual even picked up a window for use in a terrarium!
However, the intent is for as much material as possible to be reclaimed and resold to give the owner the largest financial benefit for donated material, as well as generating a profit for the deconstruction team.

Your questions on cost comparison of reclaimed vs. new materials are best answered by deconstruction professionals - I recommend contacting The ReUse People of America.

It's no accident finding good tradesmen to make deconstruction work - they must be adequately supervised, well-trained, understand what is going on and why the materials must be well-treated, and ultimately, see the benefits financially and otherwise.

Hopefully, with increasing interest in this great alternative to demolition, Chicagoans will begin to see more good deconstruction crews in action across the area.
Watching a good crew is mesmerizing AND satisfying, knowing that someone's home is being reused in some way.

Go to Urban Habitat Chicago's website, esp. the "Deconstruction advocacy" under the Project tab for more information.

Thanks again for reading!

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