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cristian barraza

this school is straight

Rosa Soria

Hi, my name is Rosa Soria, my grandaughter Angelica attends your school and since she started going to your school I had seen her grades had gone up,in the other hand I don't have any thing good to say about her former school(Daley Academy)were intead of learning, she was living in real hell,where her teacher seem she did'nt care about what was happening to my grandaughter,because she was being bullied by other kids and for which she complain many times and the teacher never wanted hear about it, so nothing was done about it and for that reason she was getting very low grades.
I think there has been a blessing for her by starting going to Officer Marquez School,(it's her 2nd year here at Marquez) were I see the teachers care very much about her well being and were she has had the opportunity to blossom to a very happy child and for which I had to thank her caring teachers for. Thank You so much.
Rosa Soria

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