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Mike Russo

Fantastic! I can't wait to go see it.

Weekend Roofer

would it be possible to get a description of the roof?

William Olson

There is a great description of the roof at


Weekend Roofer

This is an incredible place. Green Roofs and where they are going in the future will be a positive change in the way architecture is designed.

Weekend Roofer

Thanks for the reply...


The high tech gadgets necessary for modern, green tech living are part of Smart Home. Composting is done through a tabletop composter. A ventless and portable fireplace burns ethanol and gives off carbon dioxide and water vapor as exhaust and a stationary children’s bike is used to power a Nintendo Wii. Charging your cell phone inside the Smart Home is also green, it uses solar power.


The home also has an air filtration and purification system and uses spray-in foam insulation. Spray-in foam insulation is superior to traditional rolled insulation because it provides a stronger barrier within walls which helps to minimize air leakage for increased energy efficiency.

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